Tuesday, December 18


Well it is very nearly Christmas! I have been working a lot and have not had too much time to do any art or crafting, hence not blogging regularly either! I am looking forward to some time off after this week and have a few plans for the new year! Organization and painting the house are in the works, also going to do some colour boards for my portfolio to give it a bit of an update. Secretly glad there is not a whole crapload of snow to contend with right now although it would be grand to have a snowy new years at the cottage. I have two parcels to pick up today from family so excited! Have a good season everybody and stay close to your loved ones! This afternoon will consist of yummy bacon and eggs, old CSI episodes and paper folding and a hot glue gun marathon! Happy Christmas! 

Monday, November 19


So I was finally able to do SOMETHING, gah!!!! so many days with no creative flow, it was crazy making!! been organizing and counting and making lists of supplies for the new year regarding new projects and ideas. I'm excited to venture into some more illustration type projects, get my drawing up to speed a bit after so much collage, I forget how to hold a pencil! I know many people combine collage and illustration together but I have never been one of those people, so who knows? Wishing my printer had ink right now, would love to start on my "lookbook" for card shops around town. Etsy isn't really doing it for me these days either so I'm not sure if I will continue with my shop. I think I need to get into more of a niche market instead of a little bit of everything. Separate the art from the craft and focus on one thing...dont really know what that looks like but hey, I'm working on it.  Final day off until the One of a Kind show starts and I will be helping my boss with her booth and things so might not get to the blog for a bit. Hang in there! Keep doing whatever it is you do..until next time...Jeff.

Sunday, November 11


Well another Sunday rolls around. Friday I went to the Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera exhibit at the AGO it was incredible. There were many black and white photographs of Frida and some of them together. There was also some old film footage of the two of them together which really gave you a sense of how they were together and who they really were. I was surprised at how small Frida's paintings were some were only the size of a poscard! so much detail and colour! I felt like I really did get immersed in their world for a moment. At the end of the exhibit there was a beautiful Day of the Shrine all along the hallway, beautiful Katrina dolls and a huge panel of tiny skulls in metal lining a portion of the wall with candles and flowers...just amazing. It was confirmation once again that art really fuels me and inspires me and that I need to immerse in it on a more regular basis. So many ideas!!! I have been reading Hemmingway these days which has also been very inspiring. Somehow he makes me feel alive and not alone. Bitter sweet and joyful, aware and content. Reading him makes me want to fight for my life, fill my life, live my life.

Tuesday, October 30


Here we are on a Tuesday afternoon...last night the storm was crazy loud, lot's of wind and rain! Of course nothing compared to what was happening on the East Coast and I am so thankful it didn't really get to crisis mode here. It's events like these that really make you realize just how severely dependent we are on the grid to keep us civilized...Zombie apocalypse or no, we should all be prepared in some way! I rounded up all the candles and put them on the bedside table just in case, as well as filled up the extra water bottles! On another note, artistically I have hit a wall. I have not been terribly motivated these past few months and I am feeling the familiar desires but nothing is coming out. I wonder sometimes if it's because I work with my hands full time and by the time the weekend rolls around I just want them to rest. I have had blocks before and yes, this too shall pass, but I hate waiting!! maybe I will try today, it's my day off and the house is quiet.  I have been so inspired by Nick Bantock and Barbara Hodgson that I am going to make and send them pieces as a thank you...Wish me luck!!

Sunday, September 30


i'll never get sick of what she looks like!! lol. Another Sunday has come and I am trying to find the motivation to do something creative. I cleaned yesterday and everything is in it's place now so I don't have any excuse! I have yet to experiment with the coffee filter flowers, they looked really interesting as well, I need to make some more collaged cards so we shall see what the day will bring. I didn't make it in to the toronto City of Craft fall show, so that is kind of a bummer, not really motivating if you know what I mean!! but I know they received an obscene amount of applicants and they had to be very selective this year, so next year maybe! My bike wheel finally died on me and I don't know if I should get it fixed or if this is a sign that it is time to put it away for the winter. It has been getting steadily colder these past few weeks and I have been thinking about it. Anyway, hope you have a good week and we shall talk soon! stay motivated and true to yourself!

Monday, September 17


After watching the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (the Swedish version) for the second time, I realized I needed to re-commit to my fashion crimes. I love Lisbeth's look so much, I had forgotten I like to dress that way too. Getting excited about the fall and the prospect of dressing in cozy sweaters and things. Pulled out my leather fluvogs yesterday and dusted them of for the first appearance this year. Still hoping to hear from City of Craft and dreaming of kitchen renos now that I have my new fridge!

Sunday, September 9


Well here we are on Sunday again..this summer has felt a little bit quick! been visiting the cottage, getting over a cold, and venturing for the first time into the world of computer programming...hold you horses, before you get too excited I should clarify. My lessons to learning how to program have started. I am reading the MIT textbook called sicp, and am going to be learning a lisp programming language called scheme. Also I have been writing letters and trying to keep in touch with everyone I miss, but it has been hard. I feel like with all the ways we can keep in touch or watch eachother online, no one really wants to talk they just like to observe and feel their connection that way..I am guilty of this as well, but have been trying to rectify it. I need to actually hear my friends voices or read their written words in order to feel really connected. I have applied to City of Craft christmas fair, I guess I will find out soon! the deadline was on August 30th....who knows! it would be great to see everyone else's stuff and maybe make some connections with other glue gun princesses....LOL.

Monday, August 6


Well here we are again at the beginning of the week! Civic holiday today so I cleaned the living room floor and did a little yardwork. Would like to go for a walk in the Don Valley today because it's so nice out! I have been folding folding folding paper like crazy to make some more of these lovely origami delights. Just posted one for sale on Etsy today, but haven't included a way to light them yet. There are some beautiful paper lamps there though! plenty of inspiration! hmmm I wonder what's next! cheers!

Monday, July 23


Well, here we are on Monday afternoon! another scorching day. My morning glory is doing well despite looking a bit wilted these days. The rain was nice yesterday, giving a brake in the humidity! I have been folding paper like a madwoman, making the origami flower balls I love so much. Everyone has suggested I figure out how to light them because they would make awesome lamps, so that's what I'm trying out. I will post photos of them when I figure  it out! Writing letters today to good friends back home, don't you just love getting mail? I belong to the International Union of Mail Artists which is a great way to get some mail! Also I have joined this project PaperGirlToronto it's going to be great! have a good one people!

Monday, July 16


Ok so how beautiful is this photo?It's Prada's fall/winter 2012...I don't usually blog fashiony things but I couldn't resist. Been trying to figure out how to light the origami flower balls from inside, I might have to cut out the centres. We have friends coming from Paris this week for a visit! yyaayyyy. Just another excuse to immerse myself in all things Parisian. Been looking for work, but it's a tough market out there!Another great clothing swap coming up at Nathalie-Rose's shop, thursday the 19th@ 6:30. anyone out there have Etsy shop advice about how to get traffic to your page and maybe make some sales? It's been 2 months and I have only had one! I'm not giving up though, sometimes it takes awhile. Plugging along.....lovely hot summer....take care..J

Wednesday, July 11


Hello! Happy Wednesday! I have today off work and so I thought I would work in the studio today. Going to join the PAPERGIRLTORONTO project, sounds cool right? Getting ready for an August craft fair, and taking some new photo's of goods to put up on my Etsy shop LEROUXVILLE..it feels great to be busy at the things I love. Still working on a Paris Plan..I could live in France! 

Tuesday, July 3

I'M BACK!!...

So for those of you who didn't know I just spent two weeks in Paris! I was away from the computer as well, so didn't really get a chance to do much except do FB and check my e-mail. Was it beautiful? yes, was it fun, yes, do I miss it terribly?yes. Paris is a beautiful bittersweet, hot, busy, romantic, dreamy rush. It infects your body and soul, the longer you are there, the more you realize it is courting you, calling you subtly through the noise like a song you recognize but can't quite hear. I took photo's as well but they will come later to my facebook page. These few days back have been hot! my jetlag seems to be a bit more under control though, I no longer feel like it's 2 in the afternoon, at 8 am! Starting to look for design work this week, going to learn French (well, start learning and not just this week). Downsizing all my stuff and getting rid of lots. Hoping to post new goods on Etsy soon! cheers!

Sunday, June 10


Things went so well at the Spring Art Fair! there were many people and there was a lot of interest in my work which felt really good. I sold 5 pieces! I was a little bit nervous, I have to admit, when I went on Tuesday to hang everything because I hadn't been in a show in Toronto and I wasn't sure if my stuff would be a good fit. I have only just solidified my process and my "style" in the last year or so and while I enjoyed it and liked it myself I was unsure how it would go over. When I hung my pieces and then took a look at everyone elses things I realized, yeah, I do fit and everything looks good together! WHEW! the opening night was great, friends and family came out to support me and I even got flowers from my boss! this felt like a great beginning to some more exposure and maybe some more shows! I can't upload any photos right now because of my coffee mishap last week. Excited to continue working on my art and selling on Etsy. Thanks everyone!

Monday, June 4


Well I guess I'm ready! I finished the last bits I needed to do for the Spring Art Fair and tomorrow we hang! This weekend felt long and I tried to be efficient, but it doesn't always go that way does it? Do you feel you are a slave to your creative impulse or can you produce at will? I feel I need to feel "ready" to work I can't just sit down and go. This can be stressful if you have a deadline! are there ways you try to keep motivated or things you need to do before you sit down and work? have a good week!

Wednesday, May 30


Well folks, I blew it. Sunday came and went and I did not blog. I know from reading others' blogs and some how to's that you are never to apologize for not blogging because if you are constantly apologizing then there is no content! so let's move on...I spilled a half a cup of coffee on my computer the other day and am now working on a back up laptop. I have been prepping for the Gladstone Spring Art Fair and I am getting nervous about having enough pieces to fill 10 feet of space! also, how do you price your work? I can take into account the supply cost but sometimes they take days to manifest sometimes they take a couple of hours...putting value on your own work is hard! any ideas out there? how do you put a dollar value on your craft? It has been so hot lately, I think my new morning glory plant is wilting a bit! trying not to over water it! cheers!

Sunday, May 20


So a few things are going to be changing here in blog world. I have decided that since I have a new ETSY SHOP I am going to change my format a little bit. First, I will be blogging every Sunday now, as I am trying to be more consistent with my writing and trying to get people to come back to read more! Second, I am going to talk more about my art and artistic process as apposed to my life and the every day, although because I work at home and my "office" is really my living room (see photo above) it will be about my every day too. This photo was taken just after a 1 hour clean and re-organize frenzy, it usually does not look as tidy as this especially when in mid production! I like everything to be within reach but still tidy hence the small plastic organizer drawers to the left of my chair. They hold three tiers of assorted papers and imagery as well as the top drawer of "important" things camera, cords, ipod nano, business cards, chapstick, stickers, good luck charms etc.. what do you have in your drawers? what does your creative space look like? are you in a studio or in a room of your house?oh you can see me HERE

Thursday, May 17


Hello and goodmorning! I am having problems with my blog layout and I now can't see any of my followers...could you all add your selves via the new widget I added under my facebook badge? that would be awesome!! I had a very productive day yesterday crafting away and getting ready for the Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington market, as well as the Spring Art Fair at the Gladstone Hotel!! will be posting photo's on my Design page on FB cheers!!

Monday, May 14


Feeling a bit blue these days, not really sure how to move forward but know I don't want to stay where I'm at creatively. At least the days here are getting warmer and the vitimin D is abundant! sigh....well here I go forward not back......maybe I just need a spa day or a day at the Art gallery!! cheers!

Friday, April 13


Spring is in the air!! I love this weather, it makes me so optimistic! I am going to be in the Speakeasy spring Art Fair in June!! 10 linear feet all to myself! all for sale!! I am excited, as you can tell from the over use of  the exclamation points...started a Facebook page of my art leRoux Creative Design check it out! I will be posting new artworks photos and event announcements there, I would love some feedback if you feel so inclined. Friday today! going to by some hardcore primer for the kitchen and hallway, as well as sand down the spackle...nothing like a smooth wall you've done yourself..oh yeah! clothing swap tomorrow too...good stuff. Take care.

Sunday, April 1


So it's raining today, but it's Sunday and I'm in my pyjamas drinking coffee huddling a little too closely to the space heater...it's been so lovely here we didn't really get a winter, which on one hand is nice but on the other a little scary. What will our summer be like? will there be enough moisture for the water supply or for the farmers crops? I have been doing a lot of art these days which I feel really good about. It's been a while since I've had this kind of motivation! I have applied to be in The Speakeasy Spring Art Fair at the Gladstone Hotel as well a friend of mine has graciously invited me to have a table outside her store on Pedestrian Sunday in the Kensington Market!! how cool is that? Check my Flikr account for new photos or facebook as I often post there as well. Have a good day everyone!

Monday, January 23


Wow. Time really does fly! Happy New Year everybody!Above is a photo from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The imagery and cinematography in this film are stunning. I love Lisbeth's aesthetic. Something of myself in her for sure...so what's new? I started a Red Dwarf blog, you can read it here...RedDwarfBlog
It's in it's infancy phase right now and I an currently working on some new writings for it so stay tuned! Also I am working on an Etsey Shop!! how exciting!!! I will be featuring my handmade cards as well as collaged/ gold leafed cigar tins and some larger collage tryptics..very excited! After years of people telling me I should open a shop and sell so here I go! for examples of what I do check out my flikr profile on the right columb of this blog. In other news, in February I will be turning 39! And I will be going back to B.C. for a visit, for which I am very excited. The ocean! the mom and dad! the friends! I hope the weather is better than it has been as I plan to do alot of walking. Stay tuned my friends and thanks for reading!