Wednesday, May 30


Well folks, I blew it. Sunday came and went and I did not blog. I know from reading others' blogs and some how to's that you are never to apologize for not blogging because if you are constantly apologizing then there is no content! so let's move on...I spilled a half a cup of coffee on my computer the other day and am now working on a back up laptop. I have been prepping for the Gladstone Spring Art Fair and I am getting nervous about having enough pieces to fill 10 feet of space! also, how do you price your work? I can take into account the supply cost but sometimes they take days to manifest sometimes they take a couple of hours...putting value on your own work is hard! any ideas out there? how do you put a dollar value on your craft? It has been so hot lately, I think my new morning glory plant is wilting a bit! trying not to over water it! cheers!

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