Sunday, September 9


Well here we are on Sunday again..this summer has felt a little bit quick! been visiting the cottage, getting over a cold, and venturing for the first time into the world of computer programming...hold you horses, before you get too excited I should clarify. My lessons to learning how to program have started. I am reading the MIT textbook called sicp, and am going to be learning a lisp programming language called scheme. Also I have been writing letters and trying to keep in touch with everyone I miss, but it has been hard. I feel like with all the ways we can keep in touch or watch eachother online, no one really wants to talk they just like to observe and feel their connection that way..I am guilty of this as well, but have been trying to rectify it. I need to actually hear my friends voices or read their written words in order to feel really connected. I have applied to City of Craft christmas fair, I guess I will find out soon! the deadline was on August 30th....who knows! it would be great to see everyone else's stuff and maybe make some connections with other glue gun princesses....LOL.

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