Friday, August 8

Hello There World...

Well hello again! This is my first blog post after stating the changes I want to make and the new path my blog is going to take. I find that I also have a new approach to blogging as well. I feel a little serious about it(finally!). You see, I always wanted to be a consistent blogger, one with good content and a strong personal voice, but never really knew what to blog about. I mean who really cares wether I glued my fingers together working on a craft project, or that the paper I had been waiting for finally came into the Paper Place? (amazing store BTW). So here I sit, baby napping, house somewhat clean, in front of my computer with so many ideas I don't really know where to start! Motherhood is pretty amazing (cliche, I know) but now having “crossed the veil” and had my kid, I'm finding it interesting and challenging in ways I never thought about. Like the fact that I did NOT like being pregnant! No one can really prepare for what it feels like to have what is essentially a parasite inside you for 9 months, squishing everything up into your ribcage and making sleep impossible! Don't get me wrong, from the sounds of it I had a really easy pregnancy (more on that later) but OMG I started missing sleep  almost right away! And what's with the sensitivity to every little sound in the bedroom? Sigh. I digress...Anyway, I'm hoping to find a nice balance between the artistic independent me (and my stuck together fingers) and the new Mom me (with my fingers stuck together for an entirely different reason)and talk about it here. So thanks for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment, unless you can't stand me, then you can take a hike.

Wednesday, August 6


Hello! from the above picture , you can see I have had other things on my mind these days than Blogging! Jake is 4 months old now and I feel that I want to change my blog to more relevant subjects than just life in general and journaling my random thoughts. Yes, I will keep posting about my art and things that interest me, but I want to start blogging about Motherhood as well. I feel like there is a paucity of Mom blogs out there that share the way I feel about being a mother . I would like to address my specific struggle to navigate in the world as a mom with many tattoos and some different ideas I have  about what it means to me personally to be a mother in this day and age of helicopter parenting.Also, what it's like to raise a boy and the things that worry me about that too! Anyway, I hope you will follow me in my little adventure and come to feel like Jake and Brian and I are family to you, if you don't already(you know who you are!)