Friday, June 30

Into the Next...

So cutting my hair was absolutely the right thing to do, even though my hair was fairly short to begin with, there was something sad about running my fingers through it and coming out with 30 hairs instead of three or four! The only mistake I made was not letting Jake help me do it, for as soon as I came downstairs fro the bathroom he threw a fit crying and chanting don't cut your hair Momma don't cut your hair. After he calmed down, I figured out, by asking him questions, that he was upset, not about the haircut itself, but about the fact that I did it by myself and didn't let him help. I had forgotten how much silver I have in my hair, and I must admit, I have cut it down to 1/2 an inch, and I look a teeny bit like Carol from The Walking Dead. Now if only Daryl loved me as much as he loves her!! I'm at the hospital today for bloodwork and oncology pre chemo check in. I put make up on and my spiffy shoes. It's funny that now of all times I feel like I need to care about that stuff again. I feel good with makeup on and I want to start caring for my health and appearance more. I think cancer for a lot of us is a wake up call you know? You really have to get to know your body again and do constant check ins to see where your head is at. Foraging a new connection to yourself through sickness, is new to me, but it's vital. I feel more alive right now than I have in years, connecting with the things I like and people I love has re grounded me, I feel strong. Yesterday I went to see another Doctor for an un cancer related issue, I had bee referred to this specialist before I was diagnosed but decided to keep the appointment and let her know what was going on for me. After the "I have cancer" chat, she asked me if I was going to get a mastectomy or not. I said I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but that most likely, they would take at least the one. She said "well, I had the same cancer as you, and I had them take both breasts and give me implants, and I've never looked back, you too, will get through this, it's only a bump in the road of your life, you are going to be fine". It still surprises and amazes me, how many women are touched by this disease, and how wonderful it is to get a random surprise "yaay, you, you got this" from someone I've just met. Not to mention all of the love and positive messages from all of you, my friends and family. Thank you. I can't begin to explain how wonderful it feels to hear all of you (sometimes daily!) telling me you care and that I've got this. The thing running through my head today is about knuckle tattoos F#CK CNCR... just a thought. Just a reminder that my treatment is Monday at 130 my time which is 1030 west coast time, feel free to message me while I sit in the chair!! I've also posted photos of the new hair on my instagram account here.
until next time, J 

Tuesday, June 27

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

So here we back from the cottage Sunday night, Monday was a good day, I was a bit tired but it felt good to be home doing normal things. Monday night the top of my head stated to hurt, like I had slept on my hair the wrong way or like when you have a high fever and everything is aching. When I was a child and was sick with a fever I used to tell my my mom "my hair hurts". Today my hair has started to fall out. I knew it was going to happen, it's literally the first thing out of the Oncologists mouth when he(or she) begins to tell you about the side effects.  In fact the the first appointment I had with my Oncologists, I stumbled out of the office and into the rest of the Hospital with two prescriptions, one for a wig and one for a mouth wash in case I get mouth sores, which is another charming side effect of the chemo (none yet). But at the beginning when you're first learning all about the new buddy in your breast, they tell you all of the things all at once, what kind of cancer you have, what treatment plan they recommend, what the side effects are and in what order they will appear, and by the way, did we mention you have to come back tomorrow for all your blood work. When all you are hearing is stage 3, it's fucking stage 3, are my bones rotting too? is it in my lungs or liver or bowels? (thankfully, no none of these) but before all the scans and tests, you don't know and you spend weeks, wondering what the twinge in your back means  or if your knees are hurting because you're just old or are there tiny new little tumors growing there? anyway, I'm cutting my hair super short tomorrow, it will be less stressful I think than pulling out my bangs every time I run my fingers through my hair. I have reached out for support and found a wonderful group of ladies at it's a closed beast cancer group for younger women ( I was accepted at age 44 so I'm not sure what they consider young!) and specifically for ladies with invasive lobular carcinoma. Already I've connected with a 41 year old mother of two, two years out of her treatment and still cancer free. She was encouraging and supportive, and it felt good to connect with another person who knows what I'm going through. So this week I have appointments Friday in preparation for my second chemo Monday the 3rd at 1:30. That's right holiday Monday, 'cause cancer never sleeps bitches...Heading up to our cottage this weekend for some family time, the cousins and Papa. Hoping for the kind of joy you can only really feel watching children running round being kids. love you, J

Sunday, June 25

A Cottage Away

Last night at the cottage I went to bed early, thinking I could try and catch up on some of the sleep I’ve been missing (if  I’m honest, for the las three years, ‘cause kids, boy howdy). And had I been asleep I may have missed the amazing storm that rolled in over the cottage and lake. It was very dark, I had just killed two hours watching my favourite Mighty Boosh episode (Old Gregg) and Bridget Jones’ Diary and the rain started. Lightly at first, gently tapping on the newly installed metal roof above me, then a little harder and faster, building into a crescendo so loud I thought for sure the sky was actually falling in chunks onto the ground. I got out of bed and rolled open the sliding door off the bedroom and stood on the other side of the screen, listening. The rain was coming down so hard it was actually bouncing off the ground and back up two feet to hit my legs through the screen, and the thunder was cracking and rolling across the whole sky while sheets of blinding light flashed, illuminating everything for an instant at a time. It was windy, and the air smelled renewed and fresh. I was just a human, standing in the weather, smelling, feeling ,tasting nature. I felt alive. Not sick, not worried, just present and grateful. Just alive.
My bones stopped really hurting this afternoon, and tonight I didn’t have to give myself a shot. My body was so relieved at this, I felt free of this horrible ride, just for  a few hours. I wished out loud, this afternoon for a strawberry rhubarb pie, and low and behold a delicious hot pie was presented for dessert. It was so, so good. We all played dominos on the floor in font of the fire, which is to say Jake ran around in circles and jumped up and down while me and L set up said dominos in patterns for him to knock over and get us to do it all over again. It was awesome. There was lots of laughter today.
I’m worried about getting sick because I don’t have an immune system. Jake has a cold right now and I’ve been trying not to eat with his fork or kiss him directly on the mouth.  I’m worried about skinning my knuckles or cutting my finger, because I don’t know how long things like that will take to heal now. I am concerned that my bald head is going to freak Jake out. I’m worried that my bald head is going to freak me out.
Thank you everyone for your continued support and love via the intertron, and to whomever sent me the Ornamental Death Star  YOU ROCK!!!!! thank you so much it made me so Happy!!!
If any of you would like to comment or ask me any questions, please do, I love hearing from you. Until next time. J.