Tuesday, October 30


Here we are on a Tuesday afternoon...last night the storm was crazy loud, lot's of wind and rain! Of course nothing compared to what was happening on the East Coast and I am so thankful it didn't really get to crisis mode here. It's events like these that really make you realize just how severely dependent we are on the grid to keep us civilized...Zombie apocalypse or no, we should all be prepared in some way! I rounded up all the candles and put them on the bedside table just in case, as well as filled up the extra water bottles! On another note, artistically I have hit a wall. I have not been terribly motivated these past few months and I am feeling the familiar desires but nothing is coming out. I wonder sometimes if it's because I work with my hands full time and by the time the weekend rolls around I just want them to rest. I have had blocks before and yes, this too shall pass, but I hate waiting!! maybe I will try today, it's my day off and the house is quiet.  I have been so inspired by Nick Bantock and Barbara Hodgson that I am going to make and send them pieces as a thank you...Wish me luck!!

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