Thursday, May 28


This picture of Frida Kahlo is so achingly beautiful. She is so regal and confident about herself, I find it inspiring. I am struggling for inspiration these days, having done a great painting and then started another that is not so great I can't seem to see past what it looks like now to what I could do to it to change the look. I might have to white it out and start again. SIGH. School is plodding along..I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay with the program! I do sound like I am complaining alot these days, which I hardly ever do, but I am not really right in the head right now so it has to go somewhere! It's not like I feel crazy or dramatic or anything, I just feel there is something not"RIGHT" about my life. I think that I am not patient when it comes to me and myself in regards to the fact that yeah, I have a broken heart, yeah I have had the same job for 8 years, yeah I hate my apartment and understanding what it is that I can change to help myself and my situation.