Tuesday, July 3

I'M BACK!!...

So for those of you who didn't know I just spent two weeks in Paris! I was away from the computer as well, so didn't really get a chance to do much except do FB and check my e-mail. Was it beautiful? yes, was it fun, yes, do I miss it terribly?yes. Paris is a beautiful bittersweet, hot, busy, romantic, dreamy rush. It infects your body and soul, the longer you are there, the more you realize it is courting you, calling you subtly through the noise like a song you recognize but can't quite hear. I took photo's as well but they will come later to my facebook page. These few days back have been hot! my jetlag seems to be a bit more under control though, I no longer feel like it's 2 in the afternoon, at 8 am! Starting to look for design work this week, going to learn French (well, start learning and not just this week). Downsizing all my stuff and getting rid of lots. Hoping to post new goods on Etsy soon! cheers!

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