Sunday, November 11


Well another Sunday rolls around. Friday I went to the Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera exhibit at the AGO it was incredible. There were many black and white photographs of Frida and some of them together. There was also some old film footage of the two of them together which really gave you a sense of how they were together and who they really were. I was surprised at how small Frida's paintings were some were only the size of a poscard! so much detail and colour! I felt like I really did get immersed in their world for a moment. At the end of the exhibit there was a beautiful Day of the Shrine all along the hallway, beautiful Katrina dolls and a huge panel of tiny skulls in metal lining a portion of the wall with candles and flowers...just amazing. It was confirmation once again that art really fuels me and inspires me and that I need to immerse in it on a more regular basis. So many ideas!!! I have been reading Hemmingway these days which has also been very inspiring. Somehow he makes me feel alive and not alone. Bitter sweet and joyful, aware and content. Reading him makes me want to fight for my life, fill my life, live my life.

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