Sunday, June 10


Things went so well at the Spring Art Fair! there were many people and there was a lot of interest in my work which felt really good. I sold 5 pieces! I was a little bit nervous, I have to admit, when I went on Tuesday to hang everything because I hadn't been in a show in Toronto and I wasn't sure if my stuff would be a good fit. I have only just solidified my process and my "style" in the last year or so and while I enjoyed it and liked it myself I was unsure how it would go over. When I hung my pieces and then took a look at everyone elses things I realized, yeah, I do fit and everything looks good together! WHEW! the opening night was great, friends and family came out to support me and I even got flowers from my boss! this felt like a great beginning to some more exposure and maybe some more shows! I can't upload any photos right now because of my coffee mishap last week. Excited to continue working on my art and selling on Etsy. Thanks everyone!

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