Monday, July 16


Ok so how beautiful is this photo?It's Prada's fall/winter 2012...I don't usually blog fashiony things but I couldn't resist. Been trying to figure out how to light the origami flower balls from inside, I might have to cut out the centres. We have friends coming from Paris this week for a visit! yyaayyyy. Just another excuse to immerse myself in all things Parisian. Been looking for work, but it's a tough market out there!Another great clothing swap coming up at Nathalie-Rose's shop, thursday the 19th@ 6:30. anyone out there have Etsy shop advice about how to get traffic to your page and maybe make some sales? It's been 2 months and I have only had one! I'm not giving up though, sometimes it takes awhile. Plugging along.....lovely hot summer....take care..J

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