Monday, October 20

And On...

As we set out to drive across Canada, we were all very optimistic about how long it would take and how we would travel. Scott was in the  suv, pulling a trailer full, me and Karen were in the truck with the three dogs and pulling a second trailer. There were signs in the beginning, you know, small ones you don't notice unless looking back over the events. We didn't actually leave the day we were supposed to, I spent two days with K and S at their trailer, having sold almost everything I owned and said my tearful goodbyes to friends and family, I had tied up this part of my life and was essentially in limbo. It felt strange, a closed door at my back, a wide open one in front, full of hope, full of promise, but also so full of the unknown it was terrifying. I had done this before, this pack-up-everything-I-own-to-go-chasing-a-boy-to -another-city thing, and had never really panned out. In fact the last time I did it, it had cost me my marriage. So here I was on the brink of a new adventure, missing my folks, missing my pets about to set out on one of the biggest adventures of my life!

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