Tuesday, November 18

the Arrival...

My trip was 7 days instead of the 5 we thought it would be, there was no ac in the truck(poor hot doggies!!) and we cracked a trailer hitch crossing the Canadian Shield..fortunately K had seen a billboard for a truck stop a few miles back and had memorized the number! This guy came in a huge trailer, with every mechanical tool you can think of in it. including the arc welder we needed to fix our hitch. We pulled in to Smiths Falls and collapsed for the night. In the morning we knew the truck and trailer were not meant to go any farther, so I left all my stuff except what I could carry to the bus depot and got on the next bus to Toronto. Here ends the historical overview of how I got to where I am now. The next chapters will be the story of how my bike got me pregnant and the aftershocks of thinking about being a Mom at 41.

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