Wednesday, August 6


Hello! from the above picture , you can see I have had other things on my mind these days than Blogging! Jake is 4 months old now and I feel that I want to change my blog to more relevant subjects than just life in general and journaling my random thoughts. Yes, I will keep posting about my art and things that interest me, but I want to start blogging about Motherhood as well. I feel like there is a paucity of Mom blogs out there that share the way I feel about being a mother . I would like to address my specific struggle to navigate in the world as a mom with many tattoos and some different ideas I have  about what it means to me personally to be a mother in this day and age of helicopter parenting.Also, what it's like to raise a boy and the things that worry me about that too! Anyway, I hope you will follow me in my little adventure and come to feel like Jake and Brian and I are family to you, if you don't already(you know who you are!)

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