Wednesday, May 30


Well folks, I blew it. Sunday came and went and I did not blog. I know from reading others' blogs and some how to's that you are never to apologize for not blogging because if you are constantly apologizing then there is no content! so let's move on...I spilled a half a cup of coffee on my computer the other day and am now working on a back up laptop. I have been prepping for the Gladstone Spring Art Fair and I am getting nervous about having enough pieces to fill 10 feet of space! also, how do you price your work? I can take into account the supply cost but sometimes they take days to manifest sometimes they take a couple of hours...putting value on your own work is hard! any ideas out there? how do you put a dollar value on your craft? It has been so hot lately, I think my new morning glory plant is wilting a bit! trying not to over water it! cheers!

Sunday, May 20


So a few things are going to be changing here in blog world. I have decided that since I have a new ETSY SHOP I am going to change my format a little bit. First, I will be blogging every Sunday now, as I am trying to be more consistent with my writing and trying to get people to come back to read more! Second, I am going to talk more about my art and artistic process as apposed to my life and the every day, although because I work at home and my "office" is really my living room (see photo above) it will be about my every day too. This photo was taken just after a 1 hour clean and re-organize frenzy, it usually does not look as tidy as this especially when in mid production! I like everything to be within reach but still tidy hence the small plastic organizer drawers to the left of my chair. They hold three tiers of assorted papers and imagery as well as the top drawer of "important" things camera, cords, ipod nano, business cards, chapstick, stickers, good luck charms etc.. what do you have in your drawers? what does your creative space look like? are you in a studio or in a room of your house?oh you can see me HERE

Thursday, May 17


Hello and goodmorning! I am having problems with my blog layout and I now can't see any of my followers...could you all add your selves via the new widget I added under my facebook badge? that would be awesome!! I had a very productive day yesterday crafting away and getting ready for the Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington market, as well as the Spring Art Fair at the Gladstone Hotel!! will be posting photo's on my Design page on FB cheers!!

Monday, May 14


Feeling a bit blue these days, not really sure how to move forward but know I don't want to stay where I'm at creatively. At least the days here are getting warmer and the vitimin D is abundant! sigh....well here I go forward not back......maybe I just need a spa day or a day at the Art gallery!! cheers!