Sunday, April 17

As the days get warmer, I am more inspired to cook and to decorate. I suppose this is what they call spring fever. We will be getting the flooring for our living room soon which pleases me to no end. I am looking forward to the long hot summer nights with all three patio doors open so it feels we are sitting in the yard, the cool breeze caressing our legs as we sip some luscious cold beverage and take in an old movie or two....thinking of taking the lattice's off the doors for a better view and planting some hasta's for the shady part of the yard. They are such lovely arrow shaped plants! pleasing to the eye and low maintenance. I am looking forward to this week, as I will only be working three days because of the holiday on Friday, and on Wednesday I go from having black hair with bad gray roots to platinum white! can't to shop for the weeks groceries and to make some pineapple carrot muffins. cheers! Jeff.

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