Sunday, July 4


OK, so I do feel like I am constantly apologizing for not writing enough, and I know I said it was to be a twice weekly posting, Mea Culpa........Last week I went to
Galliano Island to visit my therapist and his wife (and assisting nurse) to say goodbye. At first I felt like I had so much to do in town that I didn't want to sacrifice a whole day to go over, but it turned out to be perfect. They got a new puppy, and I had a really nice conversation about life and the choices we make and what it's like to live relatively neurosis free....I say relatively because no one is completely, free I think. But at least I am no longer motivated to destructive behavior by them. I used to think I was doing no harm, when in fact I was harming myself, believing that negative inner voice, my therapist calls the "interject". It is the cumulation of all the negative feedback you got from one or either parent, whomever was you primary caregiver, all in a continuous feedback loop in your head....telling you you aren't tall enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, not strong enough, not capable.

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