Thursday, July 20

Oh Helloooo.....

Well! My heart is singing today that for sure! I had my regular bloodwork/ check in appointments today and the Doctor told me I'm responding exceptionally well to the chemo and that the mass in my breast is definitely smaller. FUCKIN A BUBBA. Initially I didn't have much hope for the cancer to shrink at all, as the surgeon had said my type of cancer doesn't usually respond to chemo in that way, but hey, someone had to prove them wrong right? As always in the week before the next treatment, I have been feeling really good. The sun and I are in a constant battle and I over did it the other day by going a little farther than i usually go, to take Jake up to Riverdale farm to meet some friends and then had to navigate the the walk home in scorching high noon type heat. I couldn't cool down and I was bleary and sweaty and nauseous. Oh well. Lesson learned.
It's funny, since my diagnosis, a few people have come forward to apologize for not reaching out right away, or not really responding to all of this. What I have to say about that is this: I love each and every one of you. Just because I'm going through something and decided to share, does not mean you have to do anything. Doing what you want to do or can do is just fine, even if it means you sit on your bed and have a cry for me but don't tell me, or decide there's to much going on for you right now and a heart text is all you've got. I'm not expecting anything. I just wanted to blog so that you guys wouldn't worry and you would know when I wasn't feeling great so that if you wanted to you could reach out at the right time.And also read about the good days! like this one!!
So. I'm almost halfway. I know I keep chanting this mantra, but it's keeping me going. This whole shrinking tumor thing is a bit of a game changer in my mind though. It could mean a less hardcore surgery/reconstruction later. It makes me feel like I chose the right path, like there's a point to doing all this. There are still things to be watchful for, neuropathy for one. That is nerve damage from the Taxotere, which consists of aching and pain, numbness and tingling in fingers and toes. The Doctor says I have a 50/60 percent chance of developing this, and that it is usually mild and manageable. The other ladies in my support group say, hydrate insanely, have good pain killers, rest and eat. So I'm going to work on that. I don't have as much fear about any of it right now, simply because of my check up results today. I feel a teeny bit teflon. (knock on wood, sacrafice a small animal, spit out some rum) and I feel that because my body had been so good so far, that I wont have any serious problems down the road. Here's hoping. Thank you again for all of the love. My next treatment is Monday the 24th at 1:30 if you want to say hi! Take care of eachother. J


Edd said...

Excellent news! Totally reaffirms the "you got this"
I think of you so many dozens of times every day, and a bit of good news makes me so happy for you.
Also. You are rocking the bald look, bad ass as always.
<3 <3 <3

Jeff leRoux said...

thank you, sweet Edd