Sunday, March 27

Another week done. I went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the TIFF on Wednesday, it was amazing! I was very impressed with all of the sketches and little pieces of paper with his ideas written down on them and what not. The Edward Scissorhands costume was there which was so lovely to look at up close!I never realized how much his movies and esthetic have influenced my own, I mean I always loved stripes and black and red together, but it's eerie, and now I can't tell which came first the chicken or the egg!ha ha ha.... I am feeling much better these days.I think the winter funk I was in is dissipating. I am feeling inspired to sketch and collect some new art supplies to keep it going. I am also dreaming of moving to France, so much so I have actually looked into taking French lessons. I did take french in school but being from BC I have never had a chance to speak it. I know the info is in my head and I think that it would come back to me with some encouragement. Going to make carrot cake today and relax with a good book.

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