Sunday, November 21

So I am considering starting another blog. This one about hats and all things millinery. I have been in the hat business now for over 10 years, and since I am an apprentice milliner now, I thought writing about it would be fun. Maybe videos of how to, my acquisition of supplies and things to get started at home sketches and ideas for hats, links to places to buy hats etc.....need a good name though..


Lorena said...

Call me ignorant.
But I had to google the definition of milliner, I see now that it's a hat maker :)
Have you started that blog already ?
I am totally clueless on where one would begin making a hat.
Have a good weekend.

J. le Roux said...

Hi Lorena, no I haven't started the blog yet. Still need a name and some articles to start! thanks for the interest!