Friday, May 7


I have been fine tuning my ideas for this blog and I am getting really excited about starting!so here is my mission statement
1. I will post twice a week. Wednesday and Friday for now, when I move to Toronto, because of a new work schedule this might change.
2. In my articles I will try and offer links to the professionals who can help, or to websites about the subject I am writing.
3. I will NOT EVER claim to be an expert on mental health issues or coping/healing methods, I am writing about what I know from my direct experience.
4.I will always warn readers ahead of time if I think the content of specific blogs are hard to read. This is going to be no holds barred writing, so it could get messy.
5. I will always tell it like I know it. I will never lie, change facts (except maybe names) or doctor up a story for sensationalism.
5. If someone is kind enough to tell me their story or part of their story, I will never betray confidence. I will never tell anyone's secrets except my own.

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Lorena said...

Hi Jennifer, thank you for following !
There is nothing like rules and getting them out there.
It not only reminds you where you are going but also tells others what to expect.