Monday, February 8


So here I am in my final days as a 36 year old...these are some of the things I have learned:
1. Moms are usually right.
2. Things don't get easier, but, your life experience makes things not such a terrible surprise.
3. Love can and does re-germinate in the barren place you thought dead.
4. Getting older is not so bad.
5. You must learn to forgive others and especially yourself, no-one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, some worse than yours.
6. No Regrets.
7. At some point your body stops co-operating with you and you must learn how to eat properly and exercise.
8. You are never too old for tattoos.
9. People will think you are an adult because you look grown up, but everyone is still a kid inside.
10. Be good to yourself, you are all you've got in the end.


Dwayne said...

All the things we were told growing up, but insisted on learning for ourselves.

Except number 8. No one told me how fun tattoos were when I was a kid.

Londyn said...

I love this.