Wednesday, December 23


I tried my hardest to fool B, but alas, it did not quite work...he was happy, don't get me wrong, who wouldn't be? but I did not get the hyperventilating, falling over OH MY GOD, that I had hoped for. I flew out Monday morning and spent most of the day on a huge plane. Probably that largest I have been on, I can't remember how big the plane to Europe was, and the messages were all announced in English, French and Mandarin, which for me, made me feel like I was in a science fiction movie about the future..cue .. WILLIAM GIBSON...or NEAL STEPHENSON...anyway, Toronto is huge and confusing, but lively and interesting, I bought a turquoise trapper hat that looks like a muppet died and landed on my head ( perfect) and we went and saw AVATAR. Woke up with a cold. Watched a cool show on Space..drinking coffee and being mellow..

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