Sunday, April 27

things have been moving very fast for me this last week! It is amazing how the universe opens up to you when you have made the right decisions. I have left Pete. It was something that I knew was coming but I have been in situations like this before and never had the nerve to say "my life path and me are more important than this". Pete moved most of his stuff out last monday/tuesday and then the landlord said he could rent our place for the first of May so I could move down a floor into a one bedroom right away! THANK YOU..........its so lovely of a one bedroom. good size, dining room nook ( sewing station methinks), balcony, new appliances, $760.00. I still care very much what happens to Pete and I hope that he and I can maintain some kind of relationship. I am so looking forward to single life. I think I am going to become a Nun of sorts. I am also considering Vegitarianism. I just know my spiritual side will fill and grow as I get to know myself better.

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Tasha said...

Let me know if you're serious about trying the Vegetarian/Vegan life. We have one too many cookbooks and I'd gladly send one your way. :)