Friday, October 22

So this weekend we will go up to the cottage. I am really looking forward to not being in the city! it will be nice to chill out and just read. (the new David Sedaris!!) and Brian is going to cook Irish stew for us(me and Laura).....I have been kickboxing for about two weeks now and I love it. Looking forward to some house related projects next weekend too..a new dresser (old) that is art deco needs refinishing and I am going to splurge on a bed frame at Ikea I think.

Monday, October 11

my living room. Turkey day was great. We went to Brian's parents house and stuffed ourselves silly( and did the laundry!) Sunday's were meant for this. Today is a relaxing day, of course I do plan on washing the floors and going through my clothes too. At least with the leftovers, I wont have to cook today!

Sunday, October 3


Well it's another cloudy Sunday at home. The new stove has been working wonders on my house self asteem. I have made cookies and banana bread so far. The Big City Life is going ok. I like Toronto. I am feeling pretty lonley though. Don't get me wrong, I love my man and my home but I do need to make some new friends soon. The girls at work are warm and friendly and that helps a lot, but there is something to be said for being in the presence of someone who has known you for years. There is less pressure, more freedom of speech and a relaxedness(sp) that comes with knowing them too. I miss Ange. She has been the woman who has known me inside and out for 20+ years now.


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